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Our innovative partners

Our innovative partners

For the security of your data!

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Parter von AS-S3C: EPERI - kompromissloser Datenschutz für jede Cloud

No one can prevent your data from being stolen from the cloud. But with the eperi Gateway, you prevent someone from using the stolen data - and you from being personally liable for it.

Get back control of your data and the conviction of doing everything right when it comes to data protection. Thanks to data encryption with the eperi Gateway.




Partner von AS-S3C: WindCloud - CO2-freie Cloud- und Colocation-LösungenCO2-free cloud and colocation solutions

We supply our data centre with 100% physically green electricity, mostly from wind energy. In addition, we refine the waste heat of our servers directly on site in an algae farm. Our high-performance cloud and colocation services are CO2-free, highly available and DSGVO-compliant.


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Partner von AS-S3C: GP Pack - Privacy and Telemetry

Especially in companies that recognise the special need to protect their data (professional secrets, data, patents, etc.), there are requirements that are defined by data protection, compliance or IT security. It takes a good reason to allow communication even though it contradicts these requirements. Above all, security, but also error reduction, can be valid arguments for an informed deviation from specifications.

We translate and automate recognised, publicly available sources on the topic of compliance into centrally distributable sets of rules.

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