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Who are we? Who is AS-S3C?

Who are we? Who is AS-S3C?

Appropriate security measures for your company

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Who is AS-S3C?

Our name sums up our know-how and our services in three points:

AS = Appropriate Safeguards
S3 = Security + Data Protection + Data Secret Protection
  C = Cloud

The minds behind AS-S3C came together to create a solution that would

  • enables companies to use legally compliant cloud solutions,
  • Protect business secrets and ensure data protection at the same time
  • and to ensure IT security.

What approach do we take?

The protection of your business secrets and your IT security

  • both demand technical and organisational measures (TOM)
  • as well as accurate documentation.

With the solution we use in conjunction with a secure implementation according to the "state of the art" (Teletrust) in our, or the data centre of your choice, the eperi functionality is available to you as a SaaS service.

The size of the company is not relevant - our solution is scalable to any size.

We reduce your documentation efforts by providing you with standardised documentation. We also support you in customizing the documentation to your individual situation.





Sachsenring 43
50677 Cologne

phone +49 221 - 292 474 10

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